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Go-to-Market Strategy June 3, 2020

Asset Manager launches global equities investment fund

Powering the launch of three new products by an Australian asset manager

Financial Services
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Go to Market Strategy, Risk Management
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Please note: We hold our clients' confidentiality in high regard, and although we have altered their names, the outcomes presented are genuine.

Case Study

Powering the launch of three new products by Australian asset manager

Our client, a renowned player in the financial services industry and a trusted source of information on local and global equity investing sought to enhance their offerings to the Australian investment community. To grow their already strong reputation for delivering value-based investment vehicles, they aimed to introduce three new global funds to meet investor expectations and further strengthen their market position.

Our client embarked on an exciting journey to launch three new products to market. To ensure a seamless process, they engaged Great Minds, tasking us to provide expert oversight, strategic direction, and seamless execution of the communication strategy for these new products.


Launching new financial services products in the Australian market requires finesse, flexibility, insight, and experience. Great Minds brought a wealth of knowledge in the Australian Financial Services industry to guide the client effectively. By conducting a thorough bottom-up analysis, we identified the immense potential and actively crafted strategies to capitalize on opportunities while maintaining investor confidence and market receptiveness.

The go-to-market (GTM) strategy was carefully crafted, placing a strong emphasis on risk mitigation and ensuring a customer-first approach. Throughout the process, we exhibited remarkable flexibility, effortlessly navigating operational, legal, regulatory, and compliance considerations. Our extensive experience in the financial services industry enabled us to adeptly handle any challenges and changes that arose, providing our client with a seamless journey to success.


Great Minds orchestrated an end-to-end GTM strategy, utilising proven project management methodologies to maximise opportunities and ensure successful outcomes. Working collaboratively with the client’s internal team, we co-created a comprehensive project plan, mapping each milestone and task with clear accountability.

Implementing the recommended pragmatic approach, the client executed tactical internal and external communication initiatives that effectively promoted the launch of their new products. The client emerged as an innovative, customer-centric organisation, strengthening their market position and garnering positive anticipation for the future.