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Fossil Group

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Fossil Group is a global company renowned for designing, developing, producing, and distributing watches as well as many other accessories.

Fossil Group, established in 1984, is a major player in the design, marketing, and distribution of fashion accessories such as watches, jewelry, and leather goods. Over the years, the company had grown exponentially and established its presence in multiple countries, each with unique language preferences, cultural nuances, and customer preferences. As part of its global expansion plan, Fossil Group recognized the need to adapt its content to resonate more effectively with local markets and enhance its overall brand perception.

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Case Study

Content localisation strategy and deliverables for Fossil Group

Fossil Group, a renowned global fashion and lifestyle company, approached Great Minds, a leading management consulting firm, with the objective of expanding its market reach and improving customer engagement across diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The challenge at hand was to create a comprehensive content localisation strategy that would enable Fossil Group to effectively connect with its international audience while maintaining brand consistency and relevance.

Great Minds took up this opportunity and devised a tailor-made content localisation approach to help Fossil Group achieve its goals.


  1. Language and Cultural Diversity: Fossil Group’s diverse international audience required content that was not only translated accurately but also adapted to resonate with local cultural sensitivities and preferences.
  2. Maintaining Brand Identity: While localising content, it was vital to preserve Fossil Group’s brand identity and messaging consistency across different regions.
  3. Streamlining Content Management: Managing multiple versions of content for various markets presented the challenge of ensuring streamlined and efficient content workflows.
  4. Time and Resource Constraints: Given the fast-paced fashion industry, the localisation strategy needed to be executed efficiently without compromising on quality.

Our Approach

Great Minds recognised that an effective content localisation strategy for Fossil Group would require a multifaceted approach that encompassed linguistic accuracy, cultural relevance, and efficient content management.

The strategy was designed to be flexible, scalable, and adaptive to Fossil Group’s ever-evolving global market requirements.


The collaboration between Fossil Group and Great Minds resulted in a highly successful content localisation strategy, enabling the fashion and lifestyle giant to reach new horizons in the global market. By understanding the significance of linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance, Fossil Group successfully fostered meaningful connections with diverse audiences, ultimately solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the fashion industry worldwide.