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Tzannes Architects

Discovery, planning and delivery of critical ICT infrastructure for a 50-employee office in Sydney.


Tzannes is an Australian studio and a leader in the design of the built environment. Their work spans across architecture, urban design, interiors and product design.

Tzannes is committed to design excellence and a more sustainable built environment. 

Over the past 40 years, Tzannes’ commitment to design excellence has been recognised with over 200 international, national and state awards. Notable accolades include the prestigious Robin Boyd and Wilkinson Awards for residential architecture. We have also been honoured for our work in commercial buildings, sustainable timber structures, interior architecture and, more recently, the Red Dot and Good Design awards for innovation in street furniture design.

Tzannes Architects - Case Study
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Case Study

As the landscape of digital innovation continues to evolve, businesses are required to rethink and transform their technology infrastructure to compete effectively.

One such transformational story is that of Tzannes Architecture, a renowned name in the architecture industry. Tasked with this crucial mission, Great Minds Consulting, a leading management consulting firm, stepped in to seamlessly manage and execute their digital transformation journey.

1. Discovery

The previous infrastructure of Tzannes relied on physical servers. While these servers were integral to running the business operations, they limited scalability, agility, and posed significant risks related to downtime and data loss.

Our discovery phase also included a thorough implementation plan that outlines every aspect of the transformation from equipment, configuration, resources and planning.

2. Implementation

Great Minds proposed a strategic digital transformation solution, focusing on migrating Tzannes’ physical servers to a virtual environment. Leveraging the power of VMware’s robust technology, the firm initiated a process that allowed Tzannes’ servers to run with fault tolerance, providing increased resilience and minimizing the risk of downtime.

Central to this transformation was the implementation of a new Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS). These storage solutions, designed for high availability and performance, enabled Tzannes to have instant access to their critical data, enhancing productivity and fostering a more efficient operational environment.

3. Result

As a result of the successful digital transformation, Tzannes now enjoys a flexible, resilient, and highly scalable IT infrastructure. This new framework has empowered them to improve operational efficiency and focus on innovation without worrying about technical limitations.

In the end, it was more than just a digital transformation project; it was a pivotal step in Tzannes’ journey towards digital maturity. Through this partnership with Great Minds Consulting, 

Tzannes has not only upgraded their IT capabilities but also fortified their position as an industry leader ready to embrace the future.

Customer Reference

Tzannes Architects - Case Study

I currently serve as the IT Manager of a medium-sized architectural practice in Sydney with 50 employees. The nature of our work specializing in architecture, urban design and interior design projects require high-end workstations running BIM and other specialized software. Some of these include Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation, Adobe Creative Suite, Lumion and Rhino, all in a Microsoft Windows environment.

With five individual physical servers, our previous IT infrastructure required an update. The task of this major upgrade was Project Managed by Great Minds. This involved the configuration of a virtualized server VMware environment with fault tolerance, new SAN and NAS storage, fibre channel backbone and managed switches over a three-storey building.

Great Minds understood our complex and intricate requirements. They offered very real and tangible suggestions that were exceptionally adaptable.

With immense support and willingness at all times, Great Minds were always available and went above and beyond their responsibilities, involving themselves with all aspects of the rebuild ensuring that our servers and network were always operable throughout the entire project.

I can clearly recall an instance where the team, being aware of our rigid business requirements, worked more than 48 hours to meet a strict deadline. Their enthusiasm and energy along with their reliability and honesty have earned my respect.

Ronald Lum
IT Manager, Tzannes Architects