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Salesforce Consulting Partners in Sydney

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Great Minds - Management Consultants in Sydney and Hong Kong

Partner with expert Salesforce strategists that deliver real commercial outcomes

Great Minds provides Salesforce implementation, application integration, support, and training to businesses of all sizes and industries.

As the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform with over 170,000+ customers globally, Salesforce provides a suite of cloud-based products across marketing, sales, commerce, and service. This provides a shared view of your customers in one integrated CRM platform.

Great Minds is one of the best Salesforce consulting companies in APAC. Salesforce adoption helps you create deeper relationships with your customers by understanding them and managing your interaction with them better.

Our Work

Case Studies

We present the following case studies that exemplify the type of solutions and services we are providing across our customer base.

Salesforce CRM implementation for Hong Kong law firm

In the fast-paced world of legal services, efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction are…


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions for every business, no matter how diverse your needs or ambitious your goals may be.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a suite of tools that turn leads into long-term relationships. With a centralised platform, a Sales Cloud implementation equips your team with the essential resources for success, including comprehensive customer views and streamlined lead management.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Discover the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud – your all-in-one solution for collecting and unifying customer data.

Unleash untapped business value by building smarter audience segments, automating sales and marketing activities, and gaining valuable insights from a user-friendly central interface. Maximize your potential with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Salesforce Implementation

Embrace digital transformation and unleash new opportunities for business growth

Our data experts can help with migrating data from a legacy platform or to the cloud, streamlining your migration to Salesforce from day one with a migration strategy that will also typically uncover opportunities for improvement.


Salesforce Support

Ensure your Salesforce implementation stays optimised and perfectly aligned with your business needs.

Our certified salesforce support staff are available when you need them for ongoing support. From incremental changes, mini projects and add-on applications for your Salesforce platform.

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A Salesforce partner is an often indispensable asset for businesses seeking to leverage the full potential of Salesforce platforms.

As experts in Salesforce consulting, they provide customized strategies for organizations, enabling them to maximize the value and effectiveness of their Salesforce implementation. Whether it’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Marketing Cloud, choosing a Salesforce implementation partner means you are investing in a solution tailored to your specific needs and designed to supercharge your customer relationships. Their expertise encompasses a comprehensive understanding of Salesforce’s ecosystem, honed by years of experience and deep industry knowledge. Salesforce implementation partners are more than just consultants; they are your guides, strategists, and allies, committed to successfully navigating your transformation journey with Salesforce.

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Salesforce CRM implementation for Hong Kong law firm

In the fast-paced world of legal services, efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction are paramount. This case study delves into the transformative journey of a…

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