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Go-to-Market Strategy June 3, 2020


Engaging business & IT professionals in over 14 markets and 7 different languages


Lenovo is a global technology company known for its innovative personal computers, smartphones, and enterprise servers.

Founded in 1984 in Beijing, China, Lenovo initially operated as a reseller, distributor, and later a manufacturer of personal computers. It gained international prominence after acquiring IBM’s PC division, including the ThinkPad laptop and tablet lines, in 2005. The company has since expanded into markets like smartphones, servers, and smart home devices, becoming a leading global player in the tech industry.

Post-IBM acquisition, Lenovo made several key business moves to secure its place in the global market. It bought Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014, expanding its footprint in the smartphone market. In 2014, Lenovo also acquired IBM’s x86 server business, strengthening its position in enterprise technology. Through these strategic acquisitions and a focus on innovation, Lenovo has continued to grow, pushing the boundaries in AI, quantum computing, and mobile technology, among other areas.

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Case Study

Embarking on an innovative customer engagement journey

In a highly competitive tech space, where the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) has blurred the lines between IT purchasers and end users, Lenovo needed a platform that could connect with customers across EMEA throughout the buying cycle.

The objective was to counter ‘content shock’, provide ongoing value, and engage the ambitious SMB leader as a unique, comprehensive information source.

Tasked with this challenge, we proposed a dedicated content hub to house the breadth of content required and deliver consistent engagement. Our focus was on creating engaging articles on both business and IT topics, seamlessly incorporating relevant discussions of Lenovo’s excellent products and business solutions to appeal to potential customers.


The resulting Think Progress website featured insightful commentary from key industry leaders on topics that resonate with the target audience, as well as evergreen tips and techniques to help businesses adapt and grow in a fast-paced digital environment. The content, relevant to both business and IT professionals, is specifically targeted at each function to maximise its impact.

To ensure a wide reach, we launched a platform engaging business and IT professionals across over 14 markets, available in 7 languages, and incorporating 16 websites.

The Think Progress site, launched in the UK on 16th July 2014, was expanded across 14 different countries in EMEA by the end of the fiscal year.

Lenovo Think Progress screenshot - Great Minds Case Study