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Case Study

Unlocking the benefits of the Atlassian Product Suite by implementing Jira Work Management and Confluence for a global workforce

The organisation’s go-to-market team aimed to implement a new standard for their global marketing and regional marketing teams’ processes with the help of technology.

At the time, the majority of processes were driven through multiple, disconnected applications. These applications were in place to aid in project management, portfolio management, requests, documentation, and communication across the go to market team including marketing (global and regional), product development, category management, internal and external creative agencies.

These cross-functional areas are crucial for the company’s product launch strategy (Launch 2.0) and consolidation was crucial to better visibility, meaningful reporting, and streamlined communication between the teams and the leadership team.

The goal of the engagement was to reduce the number of applications in order to centralise the project management of new product launch deliverables using the Atlassian product suite. This effort was to also provide clearly defined roles and responsibilities, processes and collaboration.

1. Discovery

Our team worked with the company as an internal trusted advisor, helping the organisation’s GTM team embrace change and align its global launch strategy with technology. Partnering with Atlassian, our team delivered the end-to-end implementation of project management and process delivery via Atlassian Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management and Confluence platforms.

As a part of discovery, our implementation team met and gathered the current (as is) process and built frameworks for the future way (will be).

2. Implementation

Prior to going live, our team carried out 3 x proof of concept builds in a sandbox environment to validate the right path from discovery to implementation and align on the right implementation framework. The 3 proof of concepts were reviewed based on a pre-determined success criteria and rolled into one final solution.

Our implementation used the Great Minds asset delivery framework to capture the end-to-end process of new product launch from brief to strategy planning and execution. Across the Atlassian suite, we worked with the following products:

  1. Jira Work Management: Creating projects, deliverables (initiatives), tasks (issues) and subtasks. Automatically delegating, calculating and setting start and end dates based on launch strategy and business parameters. 
  2. Confluence: In a defined and dedicated space, confluence pages capture the strategy, approach and execution parameters as the source of truth.

3. Result

Post handover, the the organisation will continuously improve and iterate the Jira Work Management and confluence implementation to capture as much of the rest of the business as possible.

Our implementation was designed to adapt to the organisation’s strategy and scale across the business to capture and to accelerate the delivery of information, data and resources for business.