Project Overview

Canon Fast Business

(now Business Insights)

Through research of more than 1000 Australian organisations, which identified growth, cost management and customer engagement as the top business goals for 2014, Canon saw that one of the biggest challenges for small to medium businesses (SMBs) is finding the time to keep up with the latest trends while managing and operating their businesses.

Tasked with providing content marketing services to help build a platform for Australian SMBs. The platform would act as a source of news and expert insights to help SMBs navigate the rapidly changing technology and workplace environments.

  • Global Content Repository

    Repository of pre-written, approved content that can be repurposed, localised or atomised for various channels and campaigns.

  • Content Marketing Platform

    End-to-End content creation, collaboration, approval, distribution and amplification platform.

  • WordPress Content Management System

    Built on a tailored WordPress CMS installation optimised for speed and data integrity, security and scalability.


A resource hub for senior decision makers, IT and line of business leads.

5Why, an Australian independant online publisher of content for Gen Z and Millenials, was concerned about the initial setup, speed and risk to their website which attracts over 50,000 visitors a month (as at June 2019). The company believed that revamping the website, implementing security measures and migrating the website to a dedicated server on scalable and secure infrastructure was critical to ensuring the website’s integrity and safeguarding it from security, technical and speed issues.

After clarity of scope, features and requirements were understood, the website content (3000+ blog articles and 10,000+ images) was exported and stood up in a secure development environment, a new WordPress website was built in collaboration with 5Why.

As a result of the migration to a dedicated, purpose built server, 5Why saw an immediate increase of over 20% reduction on the load times of their website.

Today, 5Why visitors are growing and with over 5 articles published daily, 5Why is able to comfortably concentrate on publishing content while the infrastructure expands on-demand in a secure, resilient and scalable Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.