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Great Minds - Management Consultants in Sydney and Hong Kong

The essential language AI & translation platform for any global enterprise

Smartcat is a global translation technology company whose mission is to provide international organizations with the world’s leading, all-in-one, translation and localization experience. At Smartcat, we believe that there is a better way to manage and get top-quality translation quickly than with the bloated layers of project management and slow processes that companies have complained about for years.


AI + Human Translation

AI-enabled automatic translations use the best machine translation engines to deliver context-appropriate results with 80% accuracy from the start in just seconds. The AI learns from your edits and gets more precise every time you use it. It’s SOC-protected for reliable cybersecurity.


Global Marketplace

Finding translators and proofreaders has never been easier thanks to the Smartcat Marketplace, which houses 500,000+ language professionals. Our system automatically selects the best suppliers for each project, allowing companies to manage projects easily, on time, and stress-free.


Translation Management System

The Smartcat Translation Management Platform offers centralized projects for seamless cooperation between teams, translators, and agencies. Automated workflows boost project management and a user-friendly translation editor with linguistic resources enables fast and high-quality output.


TMS Integration

Smartcat Integrations: zero-click workflows

Integrations with full automation support: These integrations allow to set up continuous content localization between external systems and Smartcat.

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