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Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Choose your process wisely

The word “Process” within Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is vital and utmost care should be taken and we should choose our process wisely. The right selection of the same determines the make or break of successful RPA implementation. The observation is that RPA projects don’t meet the Return on investment (ROI) expectations only due to the wrong choice in the selection of the process.

With so much hype around RPA, customers or business leaders with limited awareness of RPA often end up selecting the wrong one as part of their debut RPA implementation. The wrong choice of process doesn’t yield them the expected ROI leaving them dejected. Looking at their lower ROI even other Business Leaders tend to lose confidence in RPA implementation.

Choosing process wisely what does that mean? Let’s first understand your key purpose or objective while doing RPA implementation and what is that you as a Business Leader want to achieve.

  1. Are you trying to introduce RPA only to reduce the employee’s headcount?
  2. Are you looking forward to simplifying or automating the process to increase productivity?
  3. Are you looking forward to automating only the complex process?

Before we can address these questions let us be clear in understanding what contributes to the wrong selection of the RPA process.

  • If your process logic or business rules keep on changing often with increasing regularity then such a process does not fit to be a good candidate in RPA process selection. New business rules mean re-configuration each time the business rules or logic changes.
  • If your process is dependency on government or regulatory changes which do keep changing often then such a process won’t yield the optimum ROI as far as RPA implementation goes.
  • If your process has a low volume of data or if your process selected is one that runs just once in a given year (E.g. Annual Appraisal of Employees) such a process doesn’t give the best ROI results or equate in man-hours saving.

Before you get into the heart of the process understanding it would be ideal if we first do an Initial Process Assessment and determine which process fits the best with the above few pointers in mind.

To sum it up – Choose your process for robotic process automation wisely – Those processes that are rule-based, stable, have high volume data and where business rules don’t change often.

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