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Cyber Security concerns for Financial Services

Systemic Cyberattacks on the financial services industry have become a millisecond occurrence, as the sector becomes more interconnected, the security risks increase for many organisations in the industry. The ...

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Digital Transformation Tools & Trends

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Financial Services

Operating a business in the financial services industry has never been an easy game. Now more than ever, the financial services industry is faced with challenges far more significant. Challenges like intense competition, technology disruption, cybersecurity, stricter regulation, compression in fees and greater transparency, not to mention the considerable market volatility and uncertainty. To combat these challenges, financial services firms can no longer just speed up their back-office operations. Being innovative is more than just updating systems, optimising processes and improving efficiencies. To keep up these challenges, they have to go one step further. They have to innovate and become an innovative organisation.

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The content marketing mindset

Over the last six years – I’ve seen some of the best and worst content marketing programs, and plenty in between. And it’s long fascinated me what it is that differentiates the two. As a team, we’re frequently ...

Content Marketing Digital Transformation Marketing Solutions

Your content is only as good as your user experience (UX)

I am a big fan of ‘Think with Google’, the Insight and Research website, and I subscribe to its weekly newsletter. One of its weekly emails really caught my attention and made me pause. According to its analysi...

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Four ways to upskill in digital marketing

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, so keeping up with best practice across various platforms, tactics and strategies can be difficult. Thankfully, there are numerous certifications and trai...

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Why you should never assume your audience is ready to buy

What do today’s B2B customers want? Research reveals that 88% of B2B marketers have used content marketing to reach their target audience this year, but only 30% rate their efforts as effective. So what is lack...

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How to simplify the dreaded approvals process

Content marketing is appealing for any organisation that needs to communicate with large numbers of people. It gives marketing managers and internal communications specialists the means to address target audien...

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Online to offline content: Aligning your digital and real-world customer experience

Great Minds is a management consulting firm with offices in Sydney and Hong Kong. We build business strategies and create content for websites, social media channels and video streaming platforms – content that...

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Addicted to your phone? Me too.

I’m addicted to my smartphone. I think most of us are. Whether we’re looking to see how many likes we’ve got on our latest ’gram, checking if our friend has ‘seen’ the latest message or if we’ve ‘got a match’, ...