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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Financial Services

Operating a business in the financial services industry has never been an easy game. Now more than ever, the financial services industry is faced with challenges far more significant. Challenges like intense competition, technology disruption, cybersecurity, stricter regulation, compression in fees and greater transparency, not to mention the considerable market volatility and uncertainty. To combat these challenges, financial services firms can no longer just speed up their back-office operations. Being innovative is more than just updating systems, optimising processes and improving efficiencies. To keep up these challenges, they have to go one step further. They have to innovate and become an innovative organisation.

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Marketing Solutions Tools & Trends

Embrace live video, the results are worth it.

Snapchat, Facebook Live, Periscope. The live video revolution is here. If you haven’t already embraced the trend, it’s time to catch up. So what do we mean by ‘live video’? Put simply, it’s a way to connect and...

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Content Marketing Digital Transformation Marketing Solutions Tools & Trends

How to simplify the dreaded approvals process

Content marketing is appealing for any organisation that needs to communicate with large numbers of people. It gives marketing managers and internal communications specialists the means to address target audien...

Sales Solutions Tools & Trends

Lead generation campaigns will fail if you ignore these four things

Generate as many leads as possible. It’s the classic KPI for digital marketing teams. As an agency, we get countless briefs from clients for lead generation campaigns, but often without the strategic foundation...

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Tools & Trends

The rise of the Aperol Spritz; how did they do it?

Be seduced by the spritz this summer and experience the escapism that a well-executed marketing campaign creates. On hot, hazy summer evenings in London, I have noticed a trend. Everywhere, from grassy city par...

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What your brand can learn from the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Recently I’ve been thinking about my content consumption habits. About how I, a millennial Gen Y woman, view and consume marketing and content. Working in content marketing means I’m a little more ‘woke’ (as mi...

Tools & Trends

How finding the right interviewee can make or break your content

You’ve written another flawless, grammatically correct and succinct article, but it’s not getting the engagement you want. So what’s the problem? It could be your content is missing that crucial ingredient: a u...

Tools & Trends

Crafting collaborative editorial: Align your priorities for success

With so many people involved in creating and approving copy, it can be difficult to maintain coherence and quality. A watertight brief will be your saviour. Companies have brand guidelines to adhere to and, in ...