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Marque Kabbaz

Chief Strategy Officer
Marque Kabbaz
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About Marque Kabbaz

Marque has over two decades of experience as a strategy and business design lead, transforming some of Australia’s largest organisations. His mission is to redefine the way that design and strategy converge to become valued as core business processes. He is a published thought-leader, and regularly contributes to the design and delivery of University curricula, with a focus on Strategic Design and Service Design.

Working across all sectors, he’s used design thinking, agile methodologies, behavioural economics, and business design to improve products, services, experiences, and results.

Marque has the ability to effectively identify the underlying cause of any business challenge, and strategically apply human psychology, strategic design, and creative thinking to generate viable, implementable, and sustainable change.

Sometimes uncompromising, he never accepts the easy way if the hard way gives better results. A system thinker with a strong conceptual mind, his skill set also encompasses CX transformation, business scaling, innovation at scale, and more. He’s insatiably curious and a bit of a tech geek. He’s been both creative and strategic leads for large and small enterprises, scaled startups, has a degree in Behavioural Psychology, is people-focused, and makes a damn fine martini.