Management consultants based in Sydney and Hong Kong

Sound and insightful change management guidance to help organisations transform and deliver a better-than-expected outcome.

We help organisations create a culture of continuous improvement by guiding organisational change using agile, multidisciplinary approaches to change management.

We believe that this top-down approach is intrinsic to achiving sustainable and meaningful change in an organisation and is the driver of growth and long-term success in organisations today.


Change Management solutions

Great Minds helps medium to large organisations design and implement major change programs.

  • Organisational Health

    Helping organistions improve organisational health by improving their ability to align, execute and maintain growth against competition and market conditions.

  • Transformational change

    Guiding and assisting organisations to design and deliver transformational change that shapes vision and steers the entire organisation on a better or new path.

  • Behavioral and cultural change

    Promoting long lasting true value creation by embedding and empowering the right people through behavioural and cultural change of mind-sets and capabilities.

  • Value Proposition Design

    Create, deliver and capture value by understanding its viability. Value Proposition Design helps canvas the challenges and opportunities in order to find the best way to invest, invent and improve value.


Our approach to Change Management

  • Prepare for change

    Identify the points of resistance based on readiness assessments.

  • Manage Change

    Develop change management plans and take action to implement the plans.

  • Reinforce Change

    Collect feedback, audit, diagnose and address gaps.

Case Studies

We let our clients' results speak for themselves

We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we may have changed some names, the results are real.