Management consultants based in Sydney and Hong Kong

Without learning from the way your target audience engages with your content, it is difficult to improve results.

By undertaking ongoing performance analysis and reporting, you develop valuable insights, which drive real business outcomes.

With Great Minds on board, you will have access to a team of passionate social media experts who adopt a strategic approach to social media measurement, providing actionable insights. Whether it’s a status, meme or comment, each post we deliver is crafted according to specific criteria and designed to motivate and inspire action.


We monitor all facets of your social media content.

Our social media managers take a strategic content marketing approach to community management, we devote significant time to social listening and real-time engagement, allowing us to deliver unique content that your target audience values and evangelises.

The end result for your business is social media content that excites and motivates action, increases brand reach, improves brand advocacy and elevates traffic and conversions on owned assets.

  • Engagement metrics

  • Channel Growth

  • Social Media Audits

  • Social Media Reporting

  • Conversion performance

  • Paid vs Organic

  • Competitor Performance