Management consultants based in Sydney and Hong Kong

Content Marketing helps brands become strategic and effective storytellers.

Our content marketing strategy team helps brands build and carry out comprehensive strategy documents that clearly define your brand’s content pillar, persona and purpose. Armed with this knowledge brands will be able to build better content that is tactical and measurable.

Our solutions

We provide a thorough, proven and methodological approach to accelerate your brand’s growth.

  • Content Strategy

    Drawing up the plans for your content marketing strategy using the right roadmap is always the first step to your destination, and with Great Minds onboard, you’ll be on the path to success.

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  • Content creation

    Pushing the right buttons with content marketing creating quality content that informs and inspires is at the heart of everything we do.

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  • Content amplification

    Turning up the volume with content marketing exceptional content will only get you so far. To see real results, you also need to tap into third-party content amplification tools.

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  • Content performance and measurement

    Engaging the numbers to measure content performance. We are as eager as you are to engage your target audience, which is why we’ve adopted sophisticated processes for measuring content performance.

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Our approach

We provide a thorough, proven and methodological approach to accelerate your brand’s growth.

  • 1.Discovery

    We collaborate with your marketing team and other key stakeholders to identify and understand what content and processes you currently work with.

  • 2. Strategy

    Our experts use a range of data sources and analytics platforms to uncover insights that reveal strategic content opportunities for your business.

  • 3. Implementation

    Your content strategy is translated into specific tactics to create an implementation plan. This details how your business can execute the strategy.

  • 4. Launch

    An implementation plan will cover the platform and launch content to ensure that strategic content is available to identify key personas.

  • 5. Execution

    Content calendars schedule the continuing production and amplification of content, which is tracked and reported to ensure you reach your objectives.

  • 6. Test and refine

    Track data from web and social channels through our content workflow platform to continually optimise your program in line with your strategy.

“Great Minds has worked with our regional office in Hong Kong since 2018, providing go to market and expansion strategies for our online platforms and particularly for our China online business."

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