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Manage patient volume while providing a higher level of patient care with digital signage

Provide the perfect balance of care and efficiency with healthcare digital signage solutions.

By deploying a centralised content management system for digital signage, organisations improve communication and engagement with staff, patients, and visitors.


Integrated, all-in-one digital signage solution for healthcare venues

Schedule, distribute and display static messages, play slideshows, videos or deploy completely interactive content to your digital signage with Great Minds’ gmDisplay solution.

  • Image

    Schedule and distribute images directly to your digital signage solution for each venue and screen location.

  • Image Slideshow

    Promote multiple products or schedule and distribute image slideshows to provide a better shopper experience.

  • Video

    Attract and immerse your shoppers with moving videos and animations that capture in-store shoppers and passers-by.

  • Touch Screen

    Capture the end-to-end experience by deploying touch interaction to your digital signage.

  • AI Intelligence

    Deploy programmatic advertising based on live location, demographic and sentiment analysis on our custom digital signage.

“Great Minds has worked with our regional office in Hong Kong since 2018, providing go to market and expansion strategies for our online platforms and particularly for our China online business."

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