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The #1 Customer Journey-Driven Marketing Platform

  • Ensure marketing and sales stay aligned, enabling both teams to work together to drive more revenue.
  • Streamline how you manage global to local marketing teams, and get more value from your marketing investment.
  • Measure what matters most with dashboards that provide insight into real business questions.
Sales Cloud

Centralise and streamline your global approval processes.

With flexible approvals global teams can easily establish processes that suit their needs while in platform and email notifications ensure that both global and local stakeholders are always in the loop ensuring that approvals are as expedient as possible and that nothing gets missed.

Service Cloud

Easily integrate with your existing marketing stack

Connect your marketing technologies, workflows, and teams with gmContent for a complete marketing technology stack. Offering out-of-the-box and custom integrations across a wide variety of systems, our team will work with you to fit your unique integration needs.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Enable easy access to pre-approved marketing assets and content.

By having all marketing assets and content centralised in gmContent, global marketing teams can easily allow local teams to access and use pre-approved assets and content directly from the platform – greatly decreasing the time it takes to get marketing activity live.