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The content marketing mindset

Over the last six years – I’ve seen some of the best and worst content marketing programs, and plenty in between. And it’s long fascinated me what it is that differentiates the two. As a team, we’re frequently ...

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Embrace live video, the results are worth it.

Snapchat, Facebook Live, Periscope. The live video revolution is here. If you haven’t already embraced the trend, it’s time to catch up. So what do we mean by ‘live video’? Put simply, it’s a way to connect and...

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What is a Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s start with content marketing: The world has shifted some. You know the story – the digital revolution bought new channels such as web, social, smart TVs, podcasts and email, and access to these channels i...

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Crafting collaborative editorial: Align your priorities for success

With so many people involved in creating and approving copy, it can be difficult to maintain coherence and quality. A watertight brief will be your saviour. Companies have brand guidelines to adhere to and, in ...