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Engage and connect with your customer using digital signage

The touch screen is the ideal PC interface that is fast replacing the mouse and keyboard. It’s the most preferred form of advertising, replacing the traditional print media. They are easy to install and operate, even for a person with limited computer skills.

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The content marketing mindset

Over the last six years – I’ve seen some of the best and worst content marketing programs, and plenty in between. And it’s long fascinated me what it is that differentiates the two. As a team, we’re frequently ...

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Your content is only as good as your user experience (UX)

I am a big fan of ‘Think with Google’, the Insight and Research website, and I subscribe to its weekly newsletter. One of its weekly emails really caught my attention and made me pause. According to its analysi...

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The narcissist’s guide to audience-appropriate content

It takes discipline for writers and editors to constantly tailor their prose to the reader’s needs. It’s far too easy to slip into a style they enjoy writing, rather than the language their audience wants to co...

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Overcoming ‘Digital Writer’s Block’: 7 practical tips for producing engaging online copy

Content marketing is constantly evolving – it’s more engaging, creative and captivating than ever before, and writers are continuously finding new ways to honour their craft. With brands favouring digital conte...

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Four ways to upskill in digital marketing

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, so keeping up with best practice across various platforms, tactics and strategies can be difficult. Thankfully, there are numerous certifications and trai...

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Why you should never assume your audience is ready to buy

What do today’s B2B customers want? Research reveals that 88% of B2B marketers have used content marketing to reach their target audience this year, but only 30% rate their efforts as effective. So what is lack...

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Made in Asia: Rethinking Diaspora Marketing

Diaspora marketing is an often-overlooked marketing approach that can tap into culturally rich markets. Is it experiencing a revival? The middle-aged Chinese man wears a body sign that reads: “We Buy Gold Diamo...

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Embrace live video, the results are worth it.

Snapchat, Facebook Live, Periscope. The live video revolution is here. If you haven’t already embraced the trend, it’s time to catch up. So what do we mean by ‘live video’? Put simply, it’s a way to connect and...

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What is a Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s start with content marketing: The world has shifted some. You know the story – the digital revolution bought new channels such as web, social, smart TVs, podcasts and email, and access to these channels i...