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Change Management

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Change Management

Top 5 Change Management mistakes made by organisations

With the rapid changes in technology and globalisation, the past decade has seen organizations of all types undergo change more than ever before.

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Change Management

How to lead your people through change

Working relationships can be a source of stress and frustration, but they can also be a source of satisfaction and strength. As-one relationships are especially important in projects because of the limited time and resources and the importance of delivery.

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Change Management Digital Transformation

Change Management: Getting Everyone on Board the Change Train

How do you get everyone on board the change train that is gaining speed and heading out of the station? How do you get your people to, not only go through the motions, but also actually “buy into” the changes that are necessary? People’s resistance to change is not entirely irrational; it stems from good and understandable concerns. Here are the six most common reasons people resist change and tactics to convert this resistance to commitment.

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Change Management Cyber Security Digital Transformation

Cyber Security concerns for Financial Services

Systemic Cyberattacks on the financial services industry have become a millisecond occurrence, as the sector becomes more interconnected, the security risks increase for many organisations in the industry.

Change Management

Role of the CEO in Change Management

A change initiative involves a concerted, consistent effort at various levels. The Top Management and Board of Directors are as important to the process as is the change agent, the sponsors, the steering committee and the people at large.

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Change Management

5 factors to consider when implementing change

Change is constant in life, yet it can still cause apprehension, friction, and negative emotions to rear their ugly heads. When something changes in the workplace, it can elicit these same feelings in employees...

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Change Management

What Is Change Management and why do you need it?

You will be familiar with the word “Change Management” if you are working within a large corporation or organization. Organizational Change Management has been around for a while but this term has b...

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Change Management Digital Transformation

ADKAR – A Model For Change Management

ADKAR is a goal-oriented change management model that permits its group groups to focus their actions on particular business outcomes. The model was primarily applied as a means for finding out if management ac...

Change Management

Change Management will change your life

All of us have been part of an effort that, for some reason, did not turn out as we intended. It could have been something as simple as that new omelette recipe you wanted to try. Why didn’t your omelette...

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Change Management

Change Management – 3 Key Reasons For the Catastrophic 70% Failure Rate

Failure reasons in change management are many and varied. But one thing is painfully clear. Any organizational initiative that creates change – or has a significant change element to it – has a 70% ...