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Best quality concept. Quality control switch knob on maximum pos

7 steps to strategically establish Quality Management in your company

Who would not like to understand better productivity and less waste? Of course, everybody does! Well, a perfect quality management...
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Teacher and students

Discover essential learner-centered strategies for online instructors

Why do you aspire to teach, or continue to teach online classes? This is a question I have been asking myself for over a decade no...
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close up student woman hand using pencil for doing text exam after finish course online learning

5 strategies that create conditions to promote online learning

It may seem that learning online should be (or could be) as effective as traditional classroom learning. In almost every online cl...
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Modern student

5 methods of energizing and motivating your students

For a traditional class, student motivation can be observed. In contrast, online instructors must watch for a different set of cue...
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Happy smiling young woman sitting at desk with open laptop looking at camera. Successful smiling

Five strategies that will inspire online learning

The shift to virtual learning which occurred in 2020 may have changed higher education in a profound manner, even after the crisis...
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Students sitting in the foyer of modern university building

Streamlining financial reporting systems for higher education institutions

One of the duties of finance leaders in higher education institutions is to streamline its financial management reporting systems,...
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Online school lesson at home

6 Critical Best Practices for Online Teaching: Be Prepared

We live in an unprecedented time with higher education being disrupted, as traditional classes are being moved online, at least fo...
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Candidates waiting for job interviews, mid section

Five Building Blocks of an Integrated Talent Management System

Integrated talent management (ITM) refers to the management of traditional HR sub-functions: Recruitment and selection Wor...
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Robot holding Earth globe in hand, blue panorama background

Fourth Industrial Revolution – What, Why, When & How?

Though considered as an up-gradation of the third industrial revolution, this is particularly a fusion of technologies; a sound, p...
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containers closeup

Top 10 benefits you will get by using Docker

Today, there is a buzz all around about Docker and containerisation in general. What exactly is Docker and how is it related to co...
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Thoughtful businessman looking at strategy written on glass

Agile cloud is the next shift in IT strategy

Remarkable developments in the IT sector have created a vibrant business environment worldwide. (more…)
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Remote Work. Male Freelancer Using Laptop And Drinking Coffee At Home Office

Tips on managing your workforce remotely

So many people are now working from home (WFH) 100% of the time. Hopefully, if this is the case for you, you can maintain producti...
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Working on a project

Project Time Management

Managing a project involves dividing it into tasks that can be accomplished in a matter of hours, days, weeks or even months. (mo...
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Caucasian woman technician working on computer servers in a server farm.

Physical-to-Virtual tools & plugins for virtualisation projects

Physical to Virtual (P2V), is the acronym that describes the tools and plugins that are available to move images from a physical h...
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Update Cloud Storage Data Information Concept

Cloud Computing – A Win For Everyone

Cloud Computing is a form of computing in which all applications, information and resources are managed in a virtual environment. ...
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Business team preparing for big changes

5 Ways Leaders can strategically manage change

Organisations need leaders and managers to aid employees in daily operations and tasks - especially when any changes are implement...
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Planning business strategy

Budgets and implementations of Business Strategy

The implementation of a business strategy is considered as the final stage in business strategy (before monitoring and control). (...
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The colleagues�planning the strategy with stickers

Write annual marketing plan in 90 Minutes

The development of the annual marketing strategy, whether it is for an internet/eCommerce business or offline business, should be ...
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Business leadership concept

Transformational leadership – Successful leadership through change

Transformational leadership theories are based on the idea of creating a collaborative greater good. (more…)
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Corporate teamworking colleagues in modern office

Increasing the value of your strategy initiatives

With numerous isolated initiatives running concurrently within an organisation, there is often little idea of how they interact or...
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Woman doing shopping online with digital tablet

Strategic challenges of successful eCommerce

eCommerce is strengthening, almost paradoxically, the identity of small groups, isolated communities and minority interests and dr...
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Businessman working on rooftop

An Overview of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing - we hear the term almost daily. But really, just what is cloud computing all about? (more…)
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Using brand loyalty to generate sales for different business groups

If you are a company, that has multiple businesses, a CRM is an indispensable tool for your business. (more…)
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Business people planning resources

Managing Change in an ERP Implementation: The Launch

It's a few days before the launch of your ERP implementation, and your company is on the proverbial pins-and-needles as it prepare...
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Human hand and robot hand with empty space on blue background

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace

Artificial Intelligence is quite a trending topic in modern technology with many businesses adopting its use in their daily operat...
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network server room

Cloud Computing: The Ins and Outs

Cloud computing has gained significant popularity over the past few years because of its self-service capacity, flexibility, affor...
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The mask, to avoid infection of the Coronavirus covid 19, hanging on the door handle

Post-COVID-19: How Jobs & the workplace will be affected permanently

There have been many articles published about how to prepare to return to work, but how will jobs and the workplace culture be whe...
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Regulations book. Law, rules and regulations concept.

Ready-To-Use IT-GRC Compliance Framework

IT GRC defines the safe perimeters for corporate processes and activities for ensuring effective compliance in order that effectiv...
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The UX team is designing an application for smartphones with a laptop in a modern office.

7 common content marketing mistakes to avoid

Content marketing is a very important method of getting the word out about your products and/or services. Content marketing is the...
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Changing the word Chance into Change

Managing Change Effectively

At some point or another, everyone must learn about managing change effectively. (more…)
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Cyber security, cyber, cyber attack, hack the net, network, computer, technology, display, desktop

Complexity systems in Cybersecurity

Computers and the Internet have become indispensable for homes and organisations alike. The dependence on them increases by the da...
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A man seated at a computer laptop leaning on one arm, and two women in the background.

6 Tips for a successful Lean Implementation

For Lean implantation to be successful, there must be a balance between two important components of Lean- the hardware & the s...
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notebook with passwords for a computer security

Social Engineering and the Unseen Enemy

Security is only ever as strong as its weakest link, and the majority of the time, an organisation's users become the weakest poin...
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Using mobile app

Now is the right time to build a Mobile Application

With mobile users increasing day by day, it is true that the enterprise mobile app market is expected to grow over $65 billion in ...
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Search Searching Online Network Website Concept

Why good SEO should not be overlooked

In the past years, though the digital landscape has gone through a dramatic transformation, SEO continues to be an important and e...
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Programmer and UX UI designer working in a software development and coding technologies.

Software Development Life Cycle – Introduction Model Stages and Advantages

SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle is essentially the process or phases of a model or methodology, which software engineers a...
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Serious businessman signing contract

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions, or M&A, is a corporate process of acquiring new assets by buying taking over other business or by me...
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Understanding the unified compliance framework

Organizations continually face challenges from emerging demands to drive greater quality, ensure information security, and sustain...
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Using change management to remain competitive

The world today is changing faster than ever before. Technological developments, financial constraints, expanding markets, restruc...
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Crowd of robots

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Choose Your Process Wisely

The word "Process" within Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is very vital and utmost care should be taken and we should choose our ...
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Creativity in action

The three greatest barriers to Organisational Change

While there may be a few companies whose leaders are committed to a belief that it is good for everyone to "shake things up" from ...
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The finance adviser with phone browsing laptop

Mezzanine Financing: What it is, pros and cons

If you're raising growth capital to expand your business, you may want to consider using mezzanine financing (more…)
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Businessman Calculating Finances

Customising Salesforce for Fund Managers

Salesforce is the CRM platform of choice for most of the world's biggest financial services institutions (more…)
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Finance department meeting

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital

Venture capital is a subset of a larger private equity asset class which includes venture capital, LBO's, MBO's, MBI's, bridge and...
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The marketing team is analyzing the future market situation to plan for the next step.

7 Steps Effective Strategic Planning Process

This TQM article provides an insight into the 7 most effective steps in the Strategic Planning Process (more…)
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Doctor Woman Working In Hospital Office With Computer Technology Equipment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, that have the computation ability to e...
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Talking about business

How to add automation to your business processes

Automating your sales and marketing process is not just a nice thing to do; these days, it's an absolute must. (more…)
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Female woman typing on locked smart device pad attacked by ransomware virus

The ransomware epidemic and what you can do

Ransomware is an epidemic today based on an insidious piece of malware that cyber-criminals use to extort money from you by holdin...
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Smiling diverse businesspeople talking together around an office table

Robotic Process Automation is transforming the legal sector

Law firms are facing increased pressure to transform to keep up with technology and trends in other industries. (more…)
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Attorney talking on mobile device and playing with Justice scale

AI & Automation for the Banking and Legal sector

Whether we like it or not, we are moving towards a more seamlessly automated era in both business and domestic life (more…)
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Farmer using tablet computer for inspecting maize corn field. Ha

What is the Internet of Things (Iot)

Smart connected devices, ubiquitous wireless connectivity and scalable cloud-based computing have created the platform for the Int...
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How RPA can help businesses become more efficient

It's no secret that today's business world demands efficiency. Regardless of the market or industry sector, businesses seek to lev...
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Hand stopping domino effect of wooden blocks

Change Management – Top ten blockers in organisations

Major change management projects in organisations require an understanding of the culture of the company, and the way that culture...
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Business Commercial Connection Working Career Concept

The effect of RPA on HR – Why is it a game changer?

Though many consider artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics to be past the reach of humans, technology has proved it wrong. (mo...
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Businessman or a scientist with a robot.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Businesses are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA bots) to automate routine, rule-based tasks but what about perception-ba...
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happy black woman using the check-in machine at the airport gett

Engage and connect with your customer using digital signage

The touch screen is the ideal PC interface that is fast replacing the mouse and keyboard. It's the most preferred form of advertis...
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Business colleagues collaborating and discussing project plans

Top 5 Change Management mistakes made by organisations

With the rapid changes in technology and globalisation, the past decade has seen organizations of all types undergo change more th...
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Male manager presenting at informal meeting in a lounge room

How to lead your people through change management

Working relationships can be a source of stress and frustration, but they can also be a source of satisfaction and strength. As-on...
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Artificial Neuron Concept

Top 5 Challenges Artificial Intelligence (AI) Must Address

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to completely redesign the way in which businesses operate across functions, includ...
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Exchanging information at business meeting

Digital Transformation Myths and Trends

You have been hearing about the fourth industrial revolution. It's probably the hottest topic for businesses, thought leaders, pol...
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Top view of colorful cargo trains. Aerial view

Change Management: Getting Everyone on Board the Change Train

How do you get everyone on board the change train that is gaining speed and heading out of the station? (more…)
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Relaunching Great Minds for management consulting

Since the inception of Great Minds in January of 2018, Great Minds has been busy working with many local and global brands, as wel...
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Software engineers working on project and programming in company

Cybersecurity concerns in Financial Services

Systemic Cyberattacks on the financial services industry have become a millisecond occurrence, as the sector becomes more intercon...
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Benefits of Network Automation

Network automation is the process of automating the configuration, management, testing, deployment, and operations of physical and...
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Hand of a businessman shaking hands with a Android robot.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Financial Services

Operating a business in the financial services industry has never been an easy game. Now more than ever, the financial services in...
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Working Process in Modern Office Building

Managing risk in the financial sector

Risk Management is a hot topic in the financial sector especially in the light of the recent losses of some multinational corporat...
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Woman Checking Server Network

IT Infrastructure Essentials

Whether you are inheriting an existing IT infrastructure or building a new one from the ground up, there are essential technologie...
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Role of the CEO in Change Management

A change initiative involves a concerted, consistent effort at various levels. The Top Management and Board of Directors are as im...
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Portrait of business partners talking about finances

Will FinTech bring a revolution in the financial services industry?

When it comes to customers, the experience is everything. Customers don't differentiate between small organizations or larger ones...
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Doctors checking medical records

How healthcare is being reinvented through Digital Transformation

The digital healthcare market is expected to touch $206 billion by 2020, as a joint study by SAP and Oxford Economics concluded th...
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Businessman and his financial investment

Investment Lessons Learned From Warren Buffet

Most people try to invest and make money but they often end up suffering losses as they make the same mistakes over and over again...
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Marketing department manager drawing chart

Creating a solid content marketing strategy using content pillars

By now, we all know that content marketing needs to be strategic and focused to be effective; it’s not enough to simply push ad ho...
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Business women are checking the company performance chart.

5 factors to consider when implementing change

Change is constant in life, yet it can still cause apprehension, friction, and negative emotions to rear their ugly heads. When so...
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Five ways marketing can directly benefit your sales team

We’ve had many brands walk through our doors (or more often we’ve walked through theirs) looking to jump into marketing; and they ...
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The content marketing mindset

Over the last six years – I’ve seen some of the best and worst content marketing programs, and plenty in between. And it’s long fa...
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Your content is only as good as your user experience (UX)

I am a big fan of ‘Think with Google’, the Insight and Research website, and I subscribe to its weekly newsletter. One of its week...
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The narcissist’s guide to audience-appropriate content

It takes discipline for writers and editors to constantly tailor their prose to the reader’s needs. It’s far too easy to slip into...
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7 practical tips for producing engaging online copy

Content marketing is constantly evolving – it’s more engaging, creative and captivating than ever before, and writers are continuo...
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Young lawyer discussing company strategy

Four ways to upskill in digital marketing

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, so keeping up with best practice across various platforms, tactics and str...
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Handshake Partnership Deal Agreement Terms Concept

Why you should never assume your audience is ready to buy

What do today’s B2B customers want? Research reveals that 88% of B2B marketers have used content marketing to reach their target a...
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Made in Asia: Rethinking Diaspora Marketing

Diaspora marketing is an often-overlooked marketing approach that can tap into culturally rich markets. Is it experiencing a reviv...
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Video Equipment in Action

Embrace live video, the results are worth it.

Snapchat, Facebook Live, Periscope. The live video revolution is here. If you haven’t already embraced the trend, it’s time to cat...
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What is a Content Marketing Strategy

The world has shifted some. You know the story – the digital revolution bought new channels such as web, social, smart TVs, podcas...
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Serious businessman signing contract

How to simplify the dreaded approvals process

Content marketing is appealing for any organisation that needs to communicate with large numbers of people. It gives marketing man...
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Lead generation campaigns will fail if you ignore these four things

Generate as many leads as possible. It’s the classic KPI for digital marketing teams. As an agency, we get countless briefs from c...
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Alcoholic Aperol Spritz Cocktail

The rise of the Aperol Spritz; how did they do it?

Be seduced by the spritz this summer and experience the escapism that a well-executed marketing campaign creates. (more…)
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What your brand can learn from the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Recently I’ve been thinking about my content consumption habits. About how I, a millennial Gen Y woman, view and consume marketing...
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Online to offline: Align digital to real-world experience

Great Minds is a management consulting firm with offices in Sydney and Hong Kong. We build business strategies and create content ...
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Great Minds - Management Consulting

Addicted to your phone? Me too.

I’m addicted to my smartphone. I think most of us are. Whether we’re looking to see how many likes we’ve got on our latest ’gram, ...
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How finding the right interviewee can make or break your content

You’ve written another flawless, grammatically correct and succinct article, but it’s not getting the engagement you want. So what...
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Great Minds - Management Consulting

Crafting collaborative editorial: Align your priorities for success

With so many people involved in creating and approving copy, it can be difficult to maintain coherence and quality. A watertight b...
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Software engineers working on project and programming in company

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Financial Services

With big data software companies and cloud providers using up a large amount of data, there has been a substantial increase in the...
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Man stopping domino effect on wooden table

What Is Change Management and why do you need it?

You will be familiar with the word "Change Management" if you are working within a large corporation or organization. Organization...
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Preparing for presentation

ADKAR – A Model For Change Management

ADKAR is a goal-oriented change management model that permits its group groups to focus their actions on particular business outco...
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Change Management will change your life

All of us have been part of an effort that, for some reason, did not turn out as we intended. It could have been something as simp...
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Digital Transformation and the Healthcare Industry

In the last few years, healthcare has joined other industries in the quest to deliver better customer experience. This has brought...
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Depressed upset office worker having a headache problem

Change Management – 3 Key Reasons For the catastrophic 70% failure rate

Failure reasons in change management are many and varied. But one thing is painfully clear. Any organizational initiative that cre...
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Why Digital “Transformation Via Disruption” is not always a good idea

Digital transformation is the complete process of realigning of the business and technology models with considerable investments i...
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Great Minds - Management Consulting

7 Secrets of Successful Change Management

How would you grade your organization's effectiveness at managing change? Chances are, there is room for improvement. Of the 655 l...
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Business Marketing Team Discussion Corporate Concept

Impact of Digital Transformation and Trends

A digital transformation strategy is to create capabilities to fully leverage the possibilities and opportunities in new technolog...
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Businesswoman Addressing Multi-Cultural Office Staff Meeting

The Importance of Culture Change in Digital Transformation

More and more businesses are seeking to digitally transform their organizations to meet the ever-increasing demands and expectatio...
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Cognitive bias: a mental shortcut that causes a mistake in reasoning

Cognitive Bias is a mental shortcut (known as heuristics) that causes a mistake in reasoning, evaluating, remembering, or other co...
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