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Helping the financial services sector become creatively daring while tactically pragmatic

The Australian economy’s biggest asset is it’s financial service industry, but while it has many strengths, it also operates in a high risk and heavily regulated enirontment. Financial services organisations don’t just have to deal with global volatility but also locally, such as the Hayne Royal Commission into financial into financial services industry in Australia.

Great Minds help banking and financial services organisations move pragmatically but quickly, to meet new customer, employee and industry demands while addressing complex regulatory mandates and threats.


Extensive financial services experience and insight across all major sectors of the industry.

Drawing on deep, personal experience across the financial services institutions. Great Minds finds innovative ways to build business process improvements, reduce administration costs, increase productivity, align I.T, provide regulatory and compliance solutions and provide plans for navigating competitive and regulatory landscapes.

  • Private Equity

    Helping Private Equity firms to meet new customer and industry demands while capitalising on and protecting their investments.

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  • Wealth and Asset Managers

    Assisting leaders in wealth management to achieve growth by increasing the productivity of their financial advisors, acquiring more investors and increasing underlying assets.

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  • FinTech

    One of the hottest areas of emerging technology, FinTech is reshaping the financial services landscape with solutions that leverage digital disruption.

  • Insurance & Reinsurance

  • Investment Management

  • Non-Bank Financial Institutions

  • Professional Services


Significant uncertainty faces the financial services in Australia today, with the industry digesting the implications of the Hayne Royal Commission together with likelihood of significant political risk around the taxation of investment returns (franking, CGT, negative gearing and trust income).

- Dr. Don Hamson - Managing Director at Plato Investment Management