Management consultants based in Sydney and Hong Kong

Expand your customer knowledge with an unprecedented amount of actionable consumer insights.

A well run and maintained CRM software helps brands make lasting improvements to the effectiveness of their sales interactions with customers across all channels, in order to drive sales growth.


Empower the next phase of your growth

  • Define the right strategy

    Align cross-functional teams and scale business goals. Great Minds crafts actionable, data-driven strategies to get you there faster.

  • Know your customers

    Uncover insights about your customers, letting you establish a personal relationship and stay on top of the results-driven activity.

  • Targeted experiences

    Employ user-centred design to maximize user adoption, brand loyalty, and return on your investment.

  • Increase sales

    Manage your sales pipeline and revenue channels, win deals and drive growth.

  • One source of truth

    Go from sticky notes and spreadsheets to a 360-degree view of customers from the cloud. Track activities, social insights, key contacts, and every interaction.

  • Data Integration

    Build integration architectures across cloud and legacy business systems and connect, migrate or synchronise data, resulting in lower technology overhead, higher resilience and scalability.