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Comprehensive IT Infrastructure audit that evaluates all aspects of an IT department.

An IT audit evaluates the IT system’s internal control design and effectiveness against standards and best practices.

IT infrastructure audits present a great opportunity for an organisation to understand and evaluate the current state and future improvements required for system resilience, corporate governance and risk migitation.


Insight before action

Complete IT services audit and assessment so organisations understand how to deal with a problem or improve its service delivery.

Great Minds IT infrastructure audits help organisations determine how well prepared they are to continue operating in the event of a disruption, deal with change or respond to a security incident.

  • IT Strategy

    Helping CIOs and IT managers with identifying capability gaps and deliver immediate business value.

  • Back up, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Assessment

    A complete audit, assessment, including multiple scenario testing in the event of failures in infrastructure and critical disasters.

  • Cyber Security Assessments

    Audits and assessments geared to create a cyber-resilient business in order to protect the organisation’s digital presence and mitigating emerging cyber risks.