Uncover deep-rooted truths about your customers, topics that interest you and people around you.

In order for organisations to truly engage people, they must first understand them. They have to do more than collect and control data, they have to leverage data resources to build value, increase competitiveness and make better business decisions.

Great Minds’ data and advanced analytics team are made up of data scientists and analysts. We observe, analyze, hypothesize data and provide a holistic view of your data and what it means to your business. Giving you the power to make better decisions, backed by relevant, indisputable data.

Our focus is on Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) strategy and implementation.


Effective data management increases operational effectiveness, exceeds customer expectations and reduces risk.

Successful business leaders understand the importance and power of data.

We help organiastions that are passionate about data understand best practice methods of managing and understanding their data, in order to reduce risk and increase operational effectiveness.

  • Data Strategy

    Measure the effectiveness of your data management capabilities and identify high-value opportunities that bring you one step closer to unlocking the power of data.

  • Data Architecture

    Build consistent, reliable, scalable and reusable data architecture that lets you leverage the full value of your data and enables growth.

  • Data Governance

    Data can fuel insight and innovation but inconsistent, unreliable data collection and reporting can lead to incorrect reports, compliance failures and lack of operational agility.

  • Dashboards and Visualisation

    Engage your employees and drive growth with real-time dashboards and relevant company performance metrics.


Data & Analytics approach

  • Data Sources

    We start by identifying specific data value opportunities for growth and performance improvements that can be driven by data and insight.

  • Data Ecosystem

    By building a data ecosystem, we interrogate the integrity of all available sources of data and establish new sources of data by implementing technologies and sensors for data gathering.

  • Insight into action

    By applying deep functional and industry knowledge, we help build the skills to understand of the value of data and it’s place in an organisation. We then build intuitive tools that foster a culture of curiosity and excitement towards innovation.

  • Holistic Adoption and support

    We invest heavily in training people not only to adopt new tools and skills around data and insight but to use best practice methods of data gathering, management, architecture and governance.

Case Studies

We let our clients' results speak for themselves

We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we may have changed some names, the results are real.


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