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With so many applications moving to the cloud, application security and integrity becomes critical.

A core component of our security capabilities is application security, with the rise of commoditised breach methods like SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other popular hacking techniques, Application Security is growing in demand.

We work alongside DevOps and DevSecOps teams to deliver cross-functional systems, solutions and processes that enable and protect applications. We provide visibility by integrating analytics and security dashboards into applications as well as embedding security tests for reactive and proactive vulnerability testing of applications.


How prepared is your organisation in the event of a cyber attack?

  • Application Architecture

    We examine current application structure, code and infrastructure to ensure best practice frameworks and methods are put into practice. Our team examins everything from source code access to code deployment, supporting infrastructure and security capabilities and safeguards put in place to secure the application.

  • Application Security

    We work with security and development staff as an extension of their team to develop and maintain security protocols and processes. Allowing fast feedback loops for communication between us and the team as well as support staff and end users.

  • Automation of application security tests

    Our properietory tools combined by leading data reporting, insight and metrics applications, allow us to automate tests and audits to ensure integrity in applications and the process.


Our approach to application Cyber Security challenges

  • Research and Insight

    Application audit and assessment of the latest Cyber Security threats relevant to your application’s critical infrastructure and code.

  • Resilience Assessment

    Assess and criticise your application’s Cyber Security maturity and build a strategic plan before a Cyber Security attack.

  • Cyberattack Simulation

    Test your people, process, technology and operational resilience through a mix of social, physical and technical security breach simulations.

  • Cyber Security Response Plan

    Collaborative effort to produce an approved response plan and checklist in response to Cyber Security attacks, if they occur.