With a looming risk of a cyber security breach due to ad-hoc infrastructure upgrades due to strong growth, this asset manager needed a clear vision of change implementation to roll-out both a technically complex and new strategic direction for its I.T infrastructure.

  • ICT infrastructure audit

    A thorough examination and evaluation of the organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies and operations.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Migration

    Dedicated, scalable infrastructure to meet spikes in traffic as well as maintaining data integrity.

  • Backup and Business Continuity

    A 3-2-1 backup strategy which maintains industry best practice RPO/RTO objectives.

  • WordPress Content Management System

    Built on a tailored WordPress CMS installation optimised for speed and data integrity, security and scalability.

The background

Poor decisions during hypergrowth lead to compliance and security risks

One of Australia’s success stories, this asset management company was very successful in growing into a very large and respected firm. However, the hypergrowth of the firm had lead to disparate infrastructure, lack of process, poor management and risk of security and potential compliance breach.

Immediate action:

Great Minds recommended the immediate focus on critical security vulnerabilities by limiting access unless required, resetting passwords and implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) where possible.

Infrastructure Migration Project:

The focus was then put on a 3-month infrastructure migration project with critical, internal and public infrastructure moved to a scalable and secure cloud environment.

  • Phase 1: Complete infrastructure audit including on-prem and cloud footprint (VMs, Networks, Apps, etc…)
  • Phase 2 Mapping dependancies of in-house and cloud applications and determine network topology
  • Phase 3: Determine best cloud computing service model
  • Phase 4: Provide documented cloud migration strategy