A well-known player in the financial services industry and a credible source of information on local and global equity investing our client’s reputation thrives on its ability to provide value-based investment vehicles to the Australian investment community.

Following a period of poor performance in the global equity market against the benchmark and investor expectations, the client decided to pivot investment managers and launch three new global funds for their current and new investors.

Client: Australian Asset Management firm
Industry: Financial Services
Services: User Journey Mapping, Marketing Automation, CRM, Salesforce, Email Marketing


Working on tight deadlines, stretched internal resources and multiple fast-moving pieces. Great Minds was engaged for our previous experience working with financial services clients to deliver new products to market. The client required Great Minds to provide oversight, strategy and delivery of the communication of the new products to market.


The go-to-market communication of the launch of a new Australian financial services product requires finesse, flexibility, insight and experience.

  • Insight, of the Australian Financial Services industry to help steer and guide the organisation on the right path and to ensure every piece of the puzzle is accounted for.
  • Finesse, to understand when, where and how to communicate the right message with the right tone but to also place the right priorities that value relationships with investors, advisors and controls the narrative of the media.
  • Flexibility, to be able to work seamlessly through last-minute operational, legal, regulatory and compliance hurdles.
  • Experience, to deal with internal and external strategic and operational changes that may require a pause, pivot or stop to the project.

Having worked with the Australian Financial Services industry, Great Minds understands the intricacies of such projects. Our analysis of the current situation developed a bottom-up view of the true opportunity while mitigating risks associated with investor confidence and market reaction. This allowed us to develop a go-to-market strategy that prioritised risk mitigation first and investor acquisition and growth opportunities second.


Orchestrating an end-to-end GTM strategy using proven project management methods, Great Minds provided a strategy and process to minimise risk and add opportunities. The process involved a co-creation strategy with the internal team, that created a comprehensive project plan that mapped every milestone and task, as well as the people accountable for each action.

By implementing the recommended pragmatic approach, the client was able to carry out tactical internal and external communication that promoted the change of manager and promoted the organisation as a customer first company and showed great signs of positive future outcome.