The background

Web Accessibility is now propelling this eCommerce website's digital capabilities.

According to research, about 18% of the world’s population has a disability that inhibits access to digital content, with seniors making up about 50% of those people. That 18% has to fight through digital interactions that can leave them frustrated and isolated. Web accessibility allows everyone, no matter their age or disability, the option to actively engage in our worlds vastly growing technological advancements and benefit from the vast amounts of information available.

Many people are not aware that web accessibility goes hand in hand with increasing your websites traffic, increasing search engine ranking, reducing maintenance cost, and brings faster ROI.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a series of testing criteria to help guide website owners in creating a website that is accessible to those with disabilities. The number of website accessibility lawsuits is increasing. All sites are at risk of being sued if they do not demonstrate that they are accessible to people with disabilities. The purpose of this report is to inform businesses of the importance of website compliance, the most common barriers affecting websites today, and recommendations on how to best remediate website accessibility barriers.

  • Accessibility Audit

    A thorough examination and evaluation of the web content accessibility of the client’s eCommerce website.

  • WCAG Compliance Report

    A full report of the website’s usability and accessibility and steps requires to become WCAG compliant.

  • Implementation and testing

    System implementation with AI-driven changes to the client’s website to ensure compliance.