: Our commitment to making a difference in the world is a part of every client engagement we undertake.

Our approach to social responsibility and environmental sustainability starts with building our own internal culture of care and extends with empowering our clients to deliver sustainable and responsible goods and services that produce a significant positive impact in the world.


“90% of buying decisions are made subconsciously…” Gerald Zaltman – Professors @ Harvard Business School

Cognitive Behavior

We are experts in understanding cognitive behaviour and this is why it sets us apart.

Great Minds are experts in understanding behaviour. We use the understanding of cognitive bias to understand, explain and overcome behavior in decision making.

We use this knowledge to help organisations understand their market, colleagues, competitors and customers.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias Example by http://chainsawsuit.com/comic/2014/09/16/on-research/

In order to be successful, your offering should only exist to please the human psychology and biology.

Sam Akbari - Chief Executive Officer, Great Minds